Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Learning from the internet

The job for students is to learn, and the place where they can learn and study is the school. However, it seems that nowadays, school is not the only place for them to learn and study. During the summer, there are many students who visit websites like  in order to learn about some subjects that they want to learn more. This kind of website has been helping a lot of students who have a problem with their subjects. For example, if they do not understand what the teacher said about the subjects, they can go to the internet, open this website, and find out the answer to the question that they do not understand. More or less, this kind of website will give students so many advantages.
One of the advantages that the website can give to the students is, as I have said before, the study consultation. So, if you do not understand what your teacher said about any particular subject and you want to know it better, you may choose to learn it from the website. It will give you crystal clear explanation until you understand about the subjects. So, what do you think about this kind of website? Are you interested to try?  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Best Website for Loan Service

Find the best webiste for your payday loan service if you need to get some money in hurry. Your best place to apply for your loan should guarantee you two things, at the very least, among all others. The first one is that your site needs to make sure you get no troubles whatsoever in getting your money. This easiness is a must since you are in troubles (financially, at least) already!

The next thing your site must be able to guarantee is that of the quickness for your money deliverance. You need your site to do this to you since it is not the rarest occasion in your life in which money becomes the first problem that you need to quickly solve. Hence, a guarantee that you get your money fast (probably by the next day or even the same day of your application) is all you need from your loan site.

When you are able to have such a site, you make no other hesitation to apply for your loan there. You have already your best site for your loan service, and all you need to do next is to make that site help you further by providing you with the money you need. 

Some Important Things to Consider before Applying Payday Loans At Easy Online Payday Loan

            There are many people choose to get the payday loans when they need to pay some unexpected payments, including home repair, car accident, ad others. With the payday loans, they are able to handle their financial problems easily and quickly. If you have financial problems and you need to get the cash fast, it is better for you to look for the online payday loans. Getting the payday loans through Easy Payday Loan is very useful for you who want to get cash easily and quickly. However, there are some important things that you need to consider.
            The first thing that you need to know before applying the payday loans through Easy Online Payday Loan is the requirements. If you want to get the payday loans, you must be at least eighteen years old. You also need to show your regular income. Besides, you also need to have bank account since the loans that you apply will be deposited directly to your bank account if your application is approved. The other thing that you need to know is the approval process. The approval process is very fast so that you do not need to wait in a long time. All of the processes are done electronically so that it will run fast.      

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Benefits in Comparing Your Auto Insurance Rate

Finding the best protection for your car may not be that difficult of a task. That is if you let yourself do some ‘homework’ in comparing your car insurance rates before you finally make your decision to buy your insurance from a certain company.

Your insurance rate comparison will allow you to have much of present benefit as well as the future one. While comparing, you actually are studying all of those auto insurance’ terms (including claims and penalties) that will help you building more understanding toward the kind of car protection you are trying to get. Your comparison will also help you in deciding which rate, thus insurance, is the best and most affordable one t your own financial condition.

In the future, your rate comparison will help you avoiding more of that financial troubles (such as over budgeting) that you may easily encounter had you did not do your little ‘homework’ earlier. By knowing the total amount of your car insurance right now (including the rates), you have actually been given an access to manage your own financial condition better in the future. It is for these reasons, at least, that you cannot miss to have your auto insurance rates being compared.

Get Complete Life Insurance Quotes at

People could get accident anytime and anywhere. The accident could damage them mentally, physically, and of course in the term of material. Because of that, it is very important to get some kind of life insurance for better preparation in the future. life insurance quotes help you to find the best life insurance for you. It is because these days, there have been a lot of kinds of life insurance services that will be able to help you to give the best guarantee for your damage after the accidents. And thus, you can protect your family very well through the life insurance available. 
These quotes can be easily found at This site will provide you complete and detailed information about some life insurances available online for you, so that you will be able to get enough knowledge to choose the best life insurance that suits your need best. You will be also given some detailed of the review of those particular life insurance services, so that you can compare their services and of course their prices much easier in order to get the best life insurance service for your family in facing some unexpected situations, such as accidents and deaths. 

The Urgency Of Liability Insurance

You can compare car insurance through this website. In addition, you can compare quotes at a short time. Nowadays, every car owner is required to have car insurance more importantly to have liability insurance. Therefore, there are certain things that explain about the urgency of liability insurance.
The first thing is to determine the policy. You need to consider of what kinds of policy you need to have for your car insurance. Either way, you have to get it from the right company. The Insurance Information Status may urge you to get liability insurance to make you able get your own safety. Make sure that you also pay attention to the car insurance rates rightfully.
The second thing is to get the right coverage. You will be in advantages once you get coverage for bodily injury liability, personal injury protection, and property damage liability. Nonetheless, you do not want to regret for any damages such as falling tree limbs or vandalism. In addition, you may save a lot of money by getting car insurance.
Shortly, no need to wait any longer to get car insurance. The earlier you get the right one, the faster you gain many kinds of advantages to the fullest of your life.

Payday Loans As Investments

It is time to look for opportunities. You may see a great opportunity in a payday loan. The opportunity can be in form of investment. Instead of being a borrower, you can try to be a lender. There are two first steps you can take to challenge this opportunity.
The first step is utilizing internet. You may be amazed how things from the smallest to the biggest ones can be handled through internet. No one denies the advantages created from internet. You can be a lender and offer a loan through internet. There are many people out there who need to take care of their monetary problems by looking for a loan. You can show yourself to be a lender and offer an appealing loan with easy requirements through your borrowers.
The second step is building trust and credibility. Being a lender can help many people. Hence, you may charge a reasonable interest rate to your borrowers. Make sure that they can repay the loan on time. Being a true investor can be developed by being a trusty lender.
Looking for opportunities can be done through many ways. It is possible to make payday loans as a part of investments. Make sure that there is a right strategy for it to grab success.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Deciding On an Engineering Degree

If you are currently a college bound student and have yet to decide on a degree you'd like to acquire you are not alone. Choosing a degree that will suit you well is a daunting task and your future job and career will depend on it. If you are still undecided, you should consider studying for an engineering degree. Why an engineering degree, you say? Believe it or not, there are vast opportunities that lie in the broad field of engineering.
If you are part of the general public that does not understand exactly what an engineer does, than you'll be glad to know there is a plethora of different types of jobs that falls under "engineering". If you graduate with a degree in engineering, you will likely be involved in the research, design and development of new products and services. Whether it's electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, or civil engineering, you have a number of different choices that can cater to things that interest you.
If you like designing medical technology, gaming systems, cellular phones, robots, or cars than electrical engineering is for you. If you prefer working with large buildings, bridges, roads, and dams than you will be interested in civil engineering. Whether it's big or small, the field of engineering encompasses designing and creating most of the world in which we live.
Engineering also incorporates skills more than just that of the technical variety. Even though it is a technical subject, a good engineer will also need to develop considerable management and communication experience, as both of these are important to the engineering field. The degree will encompass a number of different subjects and skills from math, to design, to mechanics, and more.
Whether it's designing and manufacturing computers or cars, or helicopters and houses, engineers have had a hand in it. While a scientist will ask why a problem arises, an engineer wants to find a solution to the problem. If you like to use your imagination, judgment, and reasoning to solve problems, then this degree is the perfect option for you. A general degree in engineering will open up a field of opportunities in a number of different industries, so finding a job after your graduate will be easier than trying to find a very specific job with a very specific degree. In today's world, having a post-graduate education is important and will set you apart from other individuals in a very competitive society. An engineering degree is the perfect option.
A bachelor of engineering degree will help you build a great career. Now all you have to do is find the perfect school!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking Psychology Continuing Education Courses

Whether you are a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a psychotherapist it is important for you to keep learning. Psychology continuing education will benefit you and your practice in a variety of ways. Taking courses in your field could help you to do better in your practice, and they will likely help your patients as well.
Owning a business is difficult. If you are a psychologist or in a field similar then you know that it will take some time to get the clients that you need when you own your own practice. To help you get the clients you need, it may help to advertise in a variety of ways. Having a website is a must and being in the phone book may be helpful. In both of these areas it would be wise to advertise that you take psychology continuing education classes regularly.
Taking psychology continuing education courses will help your patients in many ways. You will likely learn about new ways to treat a variety of illnesses. You may learn about medications with the studies that have been done about them. Because the use of medication is so common today it is important for you as a professional in this field to have a handle on everything that is out there. You will want to be able to tell your patients that what you are giving them is the best option. Many medications come with side effects, so it is important that you even be informed about these so that you will not cause your patients more trouble than they already had. Taking these courses should give you a well-rounded knowledge so that you are able to treat the problems that come across your path.
It should not be too difficult to find an institution that offers psychology continuing education courses. If you do a search online it is likely that you will find quite a few places that say they offer this. It is important as you look for the right place that you check to make sure that they are a reputable one that is accepted by the American Psychology Association. Other things to consider as you look for the right institution is what you are looking for in the style of courses. You will need to choose whether you will be taking online courses or courses on location. As a psychologist with patients, online courses may be better for your schedule. You will also want to look at what courses they offer in the format you want. Think about the areas that interest you as well as the areas that you run into the most with your patients.
Hopefully you will be able to find an institution that offers all of the areas that are important. If you are required to take courses then take advantage of this, and increase your knowledge in the areas where you are lacking.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winning the War of Talent

We see around the world that there is an economic down turn, profits are getting lower than ever and companies are looking across the border for more opportunities. The same behavior is seen in the telecom industry. When these companies go to some other country they have to face a problem. They have to fight a war for talent, a talent which company can use on proper place and time. A talent which is of no use to the company is a waste for a company. There is a competition between the companies to win the best talent for them. In order to win this war a company takes help of executive coaching and telecom training.
Executive coaching helps when a company wants to recruit and retain a person with skills, knowledge and experience; No matter what the company uses at the end of the day company will have human capital with enough skills and knowledge to achieve future targets. That's why it is always advised to managers to do future oriented talent management.
Talent management is a dynamic process which allows organization to get appropriate talent from the market or develop right talented people through different type of trainings. Such type of planning ensures success in which the organization will not only get its desired goals but will also acquire the best of the talent of the market.
Many people ask that what talent attraction is; it is basically a process of attracting people who have the right skills for a specific position. There is a lot of unemployment in the market and there are different people with different skills. Attracting the right person for the right job is talent attraction.
What successful organization does is that they make it clear to the people out in the market that what opportunities they will get and what career path ways they will have if they join their organization.
Through executive coaching managers can not only motivate the current employees of the organization but they can also attract talented people present in the market, they can motivate those people to be the part of the organization. Besides that it also helps organizational managers to retain key people of the organization but retaining those key talented employees is not an easy task to do. Managers have to use different tools and tactics to do that and among those tools there is one popular tool called telecom training. If employees are given different types of talent developing courses and training like telecom training, they will develop a feeling that the organization is interested in their career development and the organization have some plans for them in the near future. Such practices also lead to successful succession programs which are only possible when human resource practices are integrated across the life cycle of an employee.
If no talent management is done than what risks can be faced by an organization. There will be gaps in leadership pipe line and problems in the development of skills for the future programs. It is also possible that wrong skills may be developed, which destroy future goals. There will be lack of new blood, innovation and new ideas. These are some of the risks related to organizational success. If there is no talent management then employers of an organization also faces problems like lack of loyalty, lack of engagement and motivation in the organization. That is why it is important for every an organization to win the war of talent and always keep on managing the talent in the organization.
The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) brings senior executives and high potential leaders from all over the world for executive education and executive coaching to discover new dimensions in Leadership Development, Good Governance, Telecom Training, HR Performance and various other Leadership and Management practices to help them grow in their business careers. MILE is a CSR initiative of Savola Group's CSR Programs and grew to be a collaborative initiative aims to attract the contributions and support of many other companies, academic institutions, research & consulting organizations and professional groups.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Should I Continue My Education After College?

You finished one milestone - an undergraduate degree, so what's next?
You may be questioning yourself: Should I continue my education after college? Will the benefits outweigh the costs? And so forth.
These questions riddling your mind, can be answered through other queries:
Does your career demand a higher education?
An advanced education will likely boost the career you are working in. If you work in law or medicine, just as an example, the higher skill sets you earn through education, the more qualified you'll become to perform your duties, which leads to better job security - discussed below.
Do you want better job security?
A competitive workforce means only the cream of the crop will thrive. According to the Census Bureau, those with a master's degree earn roughly 15% more than their bachelor holding counterparts. Also, the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, titled "Education Pays", showed that those holding a higher education fell into lower unemployment categories, along with more median weekly salaries.
Do you want to advance your knowledge and skills?
One of things that will give you an improved advantage in life is knowledge. You've heard this time and again - that books open windows to the world, and an education, better education - is a ticket to your dreams.
Are you passionate about your field of study?
This is the main question you should ask yourself when deciding to pursue a graduate degree. This is because advanced degrees tend to focus on one specific subject area. If you plan to make a lifelong career out of nursing for instance, then taking master's courses in this area is one way of promoting yourself into management roles. The same is true for other careers like teaching, medicine, physiology, psychology and much more.
If you've answered yes to most of these questions, it's perhaps in your best interest to pursue a graduate, or even a post graduate degree.
One other concern you may have is the strain of working and going to school. If such is the case, an online college offers the flexibility needed to study during students' free time, while work offers the benefit of gaining hands on experience.
The ultimate motivators for more education are a higher salary, better job security, more knowledge, and ultimately a better position in life - for challenges that are sure to come. Professionals know that education is a lifelong experience, which never ends.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Are the Objectives of Distribution of Wealth in Islam?

As a comprehensive economic system, the good governance of Islamic economics has delineated some objectives of distribution of wealth in the Holy Quran. These objectives must be in mind while imparting executive education in Islamic finance, which tell its approach towards wealth, and the aims which it wants to achieve through it. Here is a brief summery of these objectives:
1. Islam wants to initiate an equitable distribution of wealth. To attain this objective Islam wants its followers to establish a healthy relationship between the two main factors of production: employer and employee. Islam wants that a proper utilization of natural resources should be made, there ought not to be any compulsion on the employees or employer. They should work together in a normal way meeting the requirement of demand and supply. This is why Islam does not approve monopolies which give the employer the sole power of exploitation. Following is the verse which tells God's scheme mentioned above:
''We have distributed their livelihood among them in worldly life, and have raised some above others in the matter of social degrees, so that some of them may utilize the services of others in their work." (43:32)
These "work" and "services" must be in conformity with the injunctions enunciated by Islam. The good governance of Islam advises the employer to pay his employee in full and fairly, his salary should be in his hand before the sweat of brow dries up. On the other hand it asks the employee that he is not only the worker but a guardian of the duties and stuff under his care and he will be answerable to God for how he fulfilled his duty.
2. Islam wants that the factors of production should get their rightful share from the production. Contrary to capitalism in which the capitalist has been given unbridled power to exploit and get his share without taking the risk of loss, Islam wants that the investor should get his share in profit but in loss too, and the other factors: manager of business, workers, should get their share as wages and lose their wages in case of loss, it is the natural and justified principle in the real world of economy.
3. Thirdly, not only the factors of production, which are directly involved in the production, are the rightful receivers of wealth but Islam appoints shares of certain types of people as rightful share holder in the wealth. They are the poor, pauper, destitute etc. It is not merely charity to give out some money to them; it is their "right" to get it. As Quran states:
4. "In their wealth there is a known right for those who ask for it and those who have need for it." (70:24-25) Moreover, this right of poor and paupers has been called the right of God in the Holy Quran which increases its significance manifolds:
"And pay what is rightfully due to Him on the day of harvesting." (6:142)"
5. Islam is against the concentration of wealth in a few hands. To eradicate this evil it takes some measures:
i) It restricts unbridled exploitation of wealth by the capitalist. It prohibits interest or usury.
ii) It forbids hording and any kind of manipulation of free market to create artificial price hike and inflation.
iii) It does not allow monopoly over the primary sources of wealth. These sources are mines, forests, un-owned barren lands, hunting and fishing, wild grass, rivers, seas, spoils of war etc. moreover.
iv) It has given a detailed and comprehensive law of inheritance which split the great concentration of lands into smaller units to rightful heirs. All this is done to:
"So that this wealth should not become confined only to the rich amongst you". (59:7)
These are some fundamentals of Islamic finance which must be in high focus on the very outset of the executive education in Islamic finance to keep the right perspective of Islamic finance.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting the Nails Done in Cosmetology Schools

An outfit is not complete without a wonderful hairdo and a set of great looking nails. From the moment a well-dressed woman walks into the room, all eyes go from the head to the toes and all points in between. As she takes a seat at the table and reaches for her glass, her well-manicured fingers shine with delight. Compliments flow, and her confidence elevates to an all-time high.
If you enjoy beautifying your nails and desire to share the love with others, maybe taking a nail care course is something you should pursue. Not only would you learn the craft of beautifying the nails, but also you would be performing a valuable public service to those who despises unkempt nails.
Becoming a Licensed Nail Technician allows you to make money doing the thing that you love. Instructors introduce you to the science behind nail care. You learn the steps necessary to help others experience the benefits of proper nail care. Your instruction includes identifying nail diseases and properly protecting yourself while handling your client's nails.
From the bare nail to polished perfection, you learn the proper application of acrylic nails. In addition, if you have an artistic flair, you can refine your skills into beautiful nail masterpieces. You would become the talk of girls' night out and your expertise broadcasted to all available ears. Would you like that type of gossip circulating through the masses? I am sure your pocketbook would.
Successfully completing a nail course could chart a new path in your life. This nail knowledge can skyrocket your earnings potential. Suddenly, you become the boss of your future. Automatically, many different choices become available to you in your new journey. And the great part is that you are not restricted when beginning your new career path. Even the idea of becoming a business owner, gets a little closer and become an achievable goal and not a myth.
So then, what do you have to lose? If you are not happy with your current employment situation, get out there and do something about it. Do not let the hours and days turn into months and years of unhappiness. If you desire the allure of a career in nails and beauty, do not waste time thinking about it. Contact some of the top Cosmetology Schools in your area and get more information on how you can make a career in nails your reality.
At, you can find the information you need to begin training for a career in cosmetology, esthetics and skin care, nail technology, massage therapy or hair care. Once we've helped you decide which beauty career is right for you, you can get information on state cosmetology license requirements, compare cosmetology programs at beauty schools in your area, and locate the right beauty school for you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Business School Sees MiM Graduate Employment Rate Rise

While a rate of 95% was recorded among last year's class of 100, the 2011 class of 140 has achieved a rate of 96% - these figures are based on the full-time employment status of students three months after they originally graduate from the course. Compared to the median salary among graduates in the UK as a whole, the wages of London Business School graduates of this year's MiM course are around £9,500 higher at £35,000.
Breaking down the statistics further, there was a total of 36 corporate sector recruiters, perhaps giving the strongest indication yet of the value of the MiM course across sectors outside of the normal consulting and finance fields. In addition, a grand sum of 22 different recruiters have hired from the programme consistently (i.e. at least one student from each of the last two years). The release of the 2011 MiM job statistics follows the publication of the School's MBA employment report last week. It found that within three months of leaving this course, 93% of MBA graduates had found a job.
London Business School is consistently ranked as one of the world's top business schools, and is currently ranked as number one in the world in the Financial Times (Global MBA rankings, 2011). Over 34,000 alumni lead big organisations, run governments, transform communities and start new businesses in over 120 countries. A London Business School degree will give you the edge in today's competitive world. Located in the heart of London, London Business School offers access to the world's top recruiters and provides a head-start in forging a successful career in business.
Strong relationships have been developed with major recruiters. London Business School's Career Services team works in partnership with potential employers to identify candidates who are the best match for their job opportunities. A dedicated team is on hand to support all Masters in Management students to enhance career prospects. The Masters in Management programme is taught by a range of the London Business School faculty, all of whom work at the forefront of global business and produce high-quality research that impacts positively on business all over the world. This is a one year programme for recent graduates who are looking to embark on a management -oriented career, but who have limited business knowledge and less than one year of full time, relevant work experience. This programme has been designed following extensive consultation with top graduate recruiters, and provides students with the skills and knowledge to perform in all areas of management across a number of core courses in both academic study and professional development.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Accounting: Understanding the Job

Are you graduating from high school and don't know what course of study to pursue in college? Well, I have a suggestion. Why not take up accountancy? With a minimum income of at least three thousand dollars, the career field has a lot to offer. What a good accountant requires is attention to detail and logic. He or she has to be very passionate about numbers and also their application in the practical world. In brief words, an accountant's job is to keep a measure of a person or organizations assets and wealth as well as deal with any payments that the person or organization has to make. They are responsible for keeping financial records accurate as well as ensuring taxes are paid on time. An accountant is closely related to an auditor and sometimes even referred to as an auditor.
Types of Accountants
Most accountants are public accountants, whose tasks are taxing, auditing and consulting for their clients which can be private businesses, individuals, organizations or even non-profit organizations. However, there are other types of accountants as well. Forensic accountants are tasked to investigate crime that takes place in the business world, for example fraud. They can be employed by the government, courts or organizations. Management accountant are tasked for recording and analyzing of financial information of the organization they work for or a specific company. Government accountants on the other hand work for the state or local government and are responsible to maintain the records of the government's spending. Their job also includes the taxation and auditing of private business that fall under the rule of the government.
About the Job
A regular accountant would work from office though some do work from home. Getting a diploma in accounting is just the first step in achieving a successful career in accounting. To be able to achieve an accounting job that pays well and would give you a reputation with accounting firms as a good accountant, a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field is necessary. Many in this field also choose to go through a test in the country they are practicing accounting to obtain certification. An example of such a certification is Certified Public Accountant. This certification can help an accountant to advance his or her career in the field. It is also possible to continue accounting without these certifications, but advancements are limited and an individual would probably end up working for a certified accountant.
The accounting field has much to offer. As with the world economies progressing, more jobs for accountants are being created. Due to the recent financial crisis around the world, organizations demand better accounting services to prevent any financial crisis.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Expanding Your Business Expertise Through Continuing Education

We can all admit that keeping up with business trends can be quite difficult. As new industry developments are made, business professionals are increasingly faced with the need to complement their trade experience with modern-day expertise.
Luckily, staying on the cusp of change isn't as scary as it sounds. An easy and extremely rewarding way to boost up your business knowledge is by enrolling in a Continuing Education Business program. These programs can contribute to your academic repertoire without obliging you to a full-length degree program. By way of gaining new industry-specific knowledge, you will acquire a firmer grip on your current or prospective position, making you a savvy contender within your field.
If you're worried that you just won't be able to fit academia into your schedule, rest assured that most Continuing Education programs are designed so that you can. Two common misconceptions are that all higher-education programs require a full-time commitment and that the bulk of courses are only offered during the day. Neither of these is true. Most of these programs are offered by local colleges or universities, and sometimes include the option of distance or online learning, which gives you the luxury of completing courses from the comfort of your own home. This can be very convenient for people with heavy day-schedules or for those who are required to travel a lot for work. In cases where courses are not offered through distance or online learning options, there will typically be a night class option to enroll in.
Also, don't be fooled into thinking that continuing education is strictly geared towards professionals who already have a degree and decades of experience under their belt. The courses and programs offered are ideal for novice professionals who are just entering the business game, as well as field experts who simply want to increase their knowledge bank.
Even better, is that the programs span across a wide range of business fields. Business programs tend to be industry-specific, and include focused certificate or diploma programs within the general domains, including:
  • Accounting and Financial
  • Business Computers
  • Business Studies
  • Labor Studies
  • Leadership and Management
  • Office Skills
These domains touch on virtually every role within the business trade. So, whether you're a CEO seeking new ways to motivate and lead your team, or an administrator trying to find new and efficient ways to run an enterprise, there will likely be a business course that will focus on your specific professional goals.
The true philosophy behind the entire Continuing Education platform is that knowledge is a never-ending pursuit. Not only will a Business certificate or diploma ensure that you maintain a strong and steady career, but it will also encourage you to seek knowledge for your own personal growth.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Are the Ideological Differences Between Islamic and Capitalistic Economic Systems?

Islamic economics and capitalism are not only two different economic systems but they are two different ideologies and philosophies. While giving the executive education to the future leaders of Islamic finance this must be taught at the first place as of the fundamental importance. This must the building block of executive education. At some places both the economic systems seem at poles apart to each other but at some others they share similarities. One should not judge the two systems on the basis of their differences and similarities only, but should look deeper at their philosophies and ideologies to judge their nature. This way helps to understand the nature of these two economic systems, and helps to comprehend further Islamic injunctions, which gives it its parameters.
At the first instance, the good governance of Islamic finance admits the importance of economic life of human beings, consider it necessary, rather indispensable, and a considerable portion of the holy Quran deals with the economic problems of business and finance, yet it does not take it the ultimate goal of human, in fact economic activities do not fall in the categories of "goals" set by God and His Messenger (S.A.W).
This treatment of Quran and Sunnah with economics determines the nature of Islamic economics and finance. Islam takes the economic activity as an obligation of the second order which is done to fulfill some higher obligation and goals of a human life.
So we can say there are two kinds of wealth or two different approaches towards wealth in the Holy Quran. One is materialistic approach this is summarized in the word, "Al Dunya" which is reprehensible and disproved; while the other one is called "Khair" which is the wealth earned or gained through Halal or approved means and spent in the ways approved by God and His Prophet (S.A.W).
"Seek the other world by means of what Allah has bestowed upon you, and do not be negligent about your share in this world. And do good as Allah has done good to you, and do not seek to spread disorder on the earth." (28:77)
Contrary to it, the capitalism and also the socialism take economic life of human as the ultimate goal of life; hence rest of the attitude towards wealth and property is set accordingly. This is the materialistic approach. This approach gives man the complete authority and freedom to exploit his wealth at his will.
The second main aspect of Islamic ideology of economics is that it calls wealth a property of God, and man has acquired a right to exploit it under the instructions of God. The Holy Quran says:
"Give to them from the property of Allah which He has bestowed upon you." (24:33)
This is why the good governance of Islamic economics has to accept the restrictions imposed upon on the property in his possession and surrenders to His will. While the capitalism objects to the restrictions on the wealth and man's right to exploit it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is Merchant Navy A Good Career Option?

The Merchant Navy is one of the most lucrative options for students who want a rewarding career with golden opportunities knocking their doors. Lots of good courses are available to students throughout the country with different colleges and universities. Merchant Navy is one such course which not only is an exciting opportunity to live life at large but it also helps in developing an understanding about various workings of the ship. This is also called marine engineering for which a pre-sea training is mandatory. It is necessary for a student to belong to science stream in the first place.
They should have sound knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics which needs to be their main subjects in the senior secondary class. Other than that candidates from other fields of study like commerce or arts are not eligible. Those who apply for this course should finish their basic graduation in the first place. They can also apply for civil service exams with science as their background; even this is quite beneficial for their future. Those who have mechanical or electrical engineering as their subject in graduation can also apply for the jobs related to deck cadet.
There are various institutes which provide marine engineering to students; it depends on the students as to which institute they choose to study from after seeing their financial strength and understanding about the course. There are various colleges spread all over India who provide this course. India Maritime Institute (IMI, Delhi), Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (Mumbai), Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI, Pune), Vels Academy of Maritime Studies (Chennai), Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education Training (MANET, Pune) and Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering are some of the colleges where this subject is available.
There are more colleges which provide this subject but the ones shown are considered the best among them. Lots of job opportunities are easily available for students in this line can grow up in their careers respectively and become captains too. They also have an option of working for Indian ships as well as international ships. Salary scales differ from firm to firm and can increase with relevant experience which they gain with time. Fresh marine engineers can earn anything between 18k-45k pm. The increase in pay package depends on their hard work and understanding.
Another important factor in this field is health. It's mandatory that every candidate is absolutely fit health wise, physically and mentally. They should not be suffering from any kind of ocular problem which is quite a crucial point during such exams. Life on ships demand immense physical fitness and those who cannot cope up with their health issues need to reconsider their decision about pursuing marine engineering. A major disadvantage is that there is no social life for them as they are at all times surrounded by the vast sea. Many students do have the problem of getting homesick. Such students cannot take up this profession. Though this profession is quite rewarding but it also has its disadvantages as well. We wish all our future marine engineers a very best of luck for their future endeavors.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Customizing a Continuing Education Certificate Program

In today's fast-paced society, a continuing education certificate program may answer the need to stay on top of all of the new developments in the career world. Selecting a personalized program to fit a particular path or career is a step-by-step process with a broad range of possibilities and options.
One of the first questions to answer is what type of continuing education is best. Some courses simply help the student to acquire practical skills to complement a former course of study. These newly acquired skills are highly valued in the world of industry, even though they may have been obtained through a non-accredited university. Other programs offer college credit plus a certificate; some award only the certificate. Of equal importance is the selection of the area of study. Courses are as varied as real estate, information technology, biotechnology, education, nursing, business, science, math, ecology, and human rights. Some classes are geared more toward life-long learning than a specific academic category. Both the type of program and the choice of courses depend on the purpose for continuing education. Does the learner desire to qualify for a new job, change careers, get a promotion, stay updated on new developments within the present career, or explore an entirely new field? Perhaps the adult student wants to earn credits for re-certification in the educational field, stimulate professional growth, or just deepen an area of personal interest. Most programs ensure that the individual will gain the knowledge and skills needed, plus provide a credential valued in the work place.
Several options are available for the learning format of the course, which is the third step in the process of customizing an educational program. The adult selects a strategy suited to his schedule and learning style: online learning, on-campus programs, or blended courses that combine biweekly or monthly classroom experiences on campus with online course material that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both types may include networking with other students and with professors. Some courses start quarterly; others may begin every few weeks. Often the instructors, whether in the classroom or online, hold advanced degrees and have experience in the fields that they teach. Building an adult education certificate program around the type of course needed, area of study chosen and personal classroom preference is one way for the student to respond to the current demand for trained, updated professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in today's world.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Professional Hair Care Courses Are Available at Cosmetology Schools

Becoming a professional hair stylist is something that many men and women dream of doing. There is a liberating and satisfying potential to being able to work with clients closely one-on-one day in and day out to help them achieve a style they have dreamed of. Cosmetology schools offer comprehensive and detailed training in hair care, styling, design, coloring, and cuts to help prepare students to graduate and find employment as a hair stylist or technician.
Hair courses at certified cosmetology schools walk students through each aspect of hair care, from treating split ends, treating oily dos, and cutting of all types. Understanding how various hair types grow is the key to becoming an exceptional hair technician. Many people believe they do understand how to cut hair evenly and in a flattering way, but this is not the full aspect of understanding hair in depth.
Because there are many different hair types, students will learn through their hair care courses at a professional salon school or cosmetology school, how to work with curly hair, fine hair, course hair, thick hair, and other common hair types. Learning to be a hair stylist can open up doors of opportunity for independent careers in the salon and beauty industry. Working with customers to help them achieve the look they want is often very satisfying and rewarding work for people who get a thrill helping others to look and feel their very best.
Long term success is a possibility for people who graduate from cosmetology schools and begin working in the hair care and beauty industry. There are numerous job possibilities for people who have been professionally trained as a hair stylist or technician. Hair care courses will prepare students to be able to work with a wide variety of hair types as well as teach students how to expertly style, cut, color, and shape people's hair in a pleasing and sophisticated manner.
Working at a salon, working at a boutique, and opening up a business are all career opportunities that are possible when a person completes a professional hair care educational program.
There are many courses to chose from when you are attending beauty school. But it is important for you to first find your focus and then decide what classes you want to take. Do you want to do make-up? Maybe you want to lean more on the hair stylist side of the field. And do not forget there is always the possibility of becoming a nail technician.
At, you can find the information you need to begin training for a career in cosmetology, esthetics and skin care, nail technology, massage therapy or hair care. Once we've helped you decide which beauty career is right for you, you can get information on state cosmetology license requirements, compare cosmetology programs at beauty schools in your area, and locate the right beauty school for you.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shape Up Your Career At Physical Therapy Schools

There is a profession that deals with fixing impairments in the body and restoring mobility through evaluation and exercise. The job is performed by physical therapists who have to undergo specialist degree training at Physical Therapy Schools to become qualified.
The schools help you to prepare for and pass the national licensing examination that is now a requirement in most States before you can begin practicing the profession. There you will receive the specific education and training to become either a therapist or therapist assistant.
The most important aspect of these school programs is to receive accreditation. So the institutions must prove to the official accreditation authority that their schooling methods cloak students with specific facets to their character relative to the profession before they can be considered for accreditation.
So when considering a school, ensure it is one of the 200-plus across the nation approved by the Accreditation Commission for Physical Therapy Education, the only body recognized by the Education department to carry out this purpose.
Enrollment in these schools will help you to determine if physical therapy is the right profession for you, but even before enrollment you should have spent some time as a volunteer at a facility to help you decide which area of the profession you will feel most comfortable in pursuing as a career.
Indeed, volunteering is important, as most school programs will require you to be in possession of a letter of recommendation from a physical therapist to form part of your application. As well, this step may not be optional, in some cases, as many of these programs place a demand on you to spend a specific amount of hours in volunteer time at therapy sessions.
Remember, in deciding on a school there are few things to be considered. Its location. You may not want to travel far distances, but stay close to home. Its size. You may feel more comfortable in a small school as opposed to a large university. Private or State-funded. If finances determine that you select a State-funded school, be aware that tuition at these institutions is somewhat less intense than what you can get at a privately run school.
Finally, do a background check on your chosen school. Make sure it is accredited and has been training students in this field for many years. Remember, it is important to locate the best school in your area of specialization.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Business Leaders Need Executive Education

While many people dream of owning or running a business, they do not dream of the hiccups and problems they may encounter along the way. These issues often come in the form of employee conflicts, challenges in staff training and how to be an effective executive. Many people learn these skills as they develop their businesses, but savvy business leaders take the time to gain professional training. Taking the time to learn about the fundamentals of effective leadership can help a company grow and become more successful. Classes are available through executive education and leadership programs at local universities.
Every industry changes and grows, and every business needs to learn how to keep up with the competition and even surpass it. Executive education programs help the management and leaders at the top to build a better understanding of how their company is run, what its strengths and weaknesses are and how they can manage it better. People that stop learning and changing tend to become stagnant both personally and professionally.

Every business is only as strong as its weakest link. When executives take the time to discover how to help their employees learn, grow and better performs their duties, it will also help the company as a whole. This is done through conflict management training. It is also helpful for management to learn how to deal with issues such as unhappy or overburdened employees, staff development and training, technical problems and the art of negotiation through various classes and seminars.

Taking time out for leadership training is sometimes difficult for the person with the most responsibilities in the company. They may have a busy schedule or feel as if they cannot leave the employees alone for any length of time. However, investing the time training seminars and certificate programs is an investment in the future that management cannot afford to ignore. There are several ways that executives can find the time for training. These include attending regular seminars with keynote speakers, attending short educational luncheons or going to week-long executive leadership development program workshops.

There are many different ways for executives to improve their approaches toward business. These courses and seminars come in the form of certificate programs, customized personal development programs. They are available through a university or extended educational service. Once the top level of management has discovered ways to make the business stronger and more efficient, they can begin to focus on the other parts of the company and business.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Returning to School

There are many reasons that more working adults are returning to school and if you are thinking about joining them, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Of the considerations the following are very important:
  • Is the college accredited?
  • How are you going to pay?
  • Is there a job market for the degree you want?
The first and most important thing to look at when deciding a school is the accreditation of the school. The condensed version of why this is very important is that when you are going for a job after you complete your degree, many of the companies that will be looking for educated employees are looking for reliable schools. Meaning, the employer is not just interested in the diploma hanging on your wall, but did you learn anything substantive from your time in school or was it just a diploma mill? When your prospective employer considers you for a position it is based on what you can do for that particular company with your existing expertise. Very few companies are going to hire a recent graduate with an expectation of teaching them what they should have learned in school. So an accredited school tells the employer that the curriculum was evaluated and is in line with the expectations of the various disciplines that are offered. The easiest way to determine if the school you are looking at is accredited through a reputable and recognized accreditation body is to view the following links. There are two large organizations in the United States that recognize accrediting agencies, giving them validation:
  • U.S Department of Education  
  • Council for higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) 
The next factor to consider is how you plan on paying for school. There are various ways to finance your education. The most basic and preferable way is to save money and pay as you go. This way, you do not create a sizeable amount of debt that you will have to repay. As a working adult, this is likely one of the best options. There are also scholarships and grants that you may qualify for. In general, a scholarship and grant is money that you will not need to repay. The last option but the one that is most used is the student loan. While tempting I would highly suggest you do not use student loans. They will need to be repaid and because there are no assurances of employment, you could be stuck with a large debt without the income to cover your responsibility. And also keep in mind that a student loan is forever. They cannot be liquidated through a bankruptcy. Once you have the loan, you must repay the loan. Also, some employers may offer reimbursement for college courses in part of whole.
The last thing to really consider is what you plan on studying and if there is a viable job market for it. Your passion might be for 15th century literature, but other than teaching, there is not much of a job market for that type of degree. Theatre arts are another similar degree. One way to see what the job market looks like is to look at the Department of Labor and see the trends for employment professions. There will be few things in life as disappointing as spending several years in school only to find you cannot do anything with it.
Ultimately, going back to school is well worth the effort and should be something that anyone that wants to change careers or rise higher in their own should consider.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Is the Construction Industry Facing a Productivity Challenge?

Building and construction magnate Daniel Grollo recently stated that the construction sector could be completely 'shut down' by the rising Australian dollar and large wage hikes.
In an interview with The Australian newspaper, the businessman said Australia had to take measures to boost productivity in line with the rising dollar and high wages. He stated that unless this happened, foreign investors were likely to look elsewhere for investment opportunities.
Mr Grollo pointed out that workers were being paid $60 an hour, with increases to $80 per hour being locked in by enterprise bargaining agreements, and noted that a similar wage set in Texas was only $20. The solution was to boost productivity, he added.
Various industry leaders and commentators have spoken out about productivity in the construction industry. In 2011, John Lloyd, the former head of Australian Building and Construction Commission, suggested that the Fair Work laws were holding back productivity reforms in the sector.
Mr Lloyd stated that the problem was the complexity and centralisation of the Fair Work system, which emphasised collective rather than individual bargaining. More individual agreement should be introduced that allow employers and employees to engage with each other directly, which would allow employers to better encourage and reward performance, and in turn enhance productivity.
However, recent figures show that productivity gains are in fact being realised in the construction sector. The latest ABS (national accounts and labour force) data shows that the productivity in the construction sector was up, with gross value added per hour rising by 7 per cent.
A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report shows that annual average productivity growth levels across the Australian economy average 0.6 per cent in the December quarter and 1.1 per cent across the last year (compared with 2010's 0.1 per cent growth rate). The construction sector saw a productivity improvement of almost 10 per cent in the December quarter in WA alone.
Corporate leaders and decision makers in the public sector have also expressed optimism. Telstra's Productivity Indicator report, which is based on interviews with over 700 Australian leaders, suggests that optimism about productivity is relatively high.
The report found that improving productivity is a top priority for 80 per cent and 66 per cent of Australia's private sector and government organisations. The report found that the construction industry was among those sectors that expected to see significant productivity increases in the year ahead.
There is also positive news in the government's Skills for All Australians reforms which will provide subsidised training places and interest free loans to qualifying courses, including those in the building and construction sector. Adequate training and continuing professional development, such as NSW's builder CPD system, may also support a drive toward boosting productivity in the sector.